Week 02: Finish Paper and Start BNW

Tuesday: Drafting/Editing and Intro Novel

Today we will work with the drafts that you completed over the holiday.

Here are the samples that we looked at in class with the teacher annotations for your reference as you continue to work on your draft: G10_U2_EA2_ Emerging G10_U2_EA2_ Exemplary G10_U2_EA2_ Incomplete G10_U2_EA2_ Proficient

You should be shooting to be most similar to the Exemplary example, with some similarity to the Proficient example being expected.

After our work on the drafts, we started “Brave New World”.

Assignment: Edit the draft of your paper.  Bring a clean copy on Tuesday next week for Peer Editing.

Assignment: Submit your paper draft to Turn-it-in.com and then use the feedback to fix your citations as needed. DUE APRIL 18 for RD. 

Assignment: Finish reading and annotating chapter 1 of BNW for Thursday, April 13.  Here is the link to the audio version: BNW AUDIO BOOK

Thursday: Editing (How it is said) and BNW