Week 10: Break Homework

Not Joking: Here is the HW

There are two sets of vocabulary in SpringBoard to work on.  The first due date is February 15, and the second due date is March 1.  Please note that you need to complete all 6 rounds of each deck in the set to get credit for the assignment.

You need to wait 48 hours or so between doing each round, so please plan ahead.  You will not be able to do this all the night before it is due!!!

Also- You were asked today to make a pledge for your break time homework– WHY? Well, I’m frightened of you all sliding backwards in your abilities because you will only see me 4 days in the next SIX WEEKS!!!!

My suggestions are as follows:

  • Read for 15 minutes every day at a “reach” or “stretch” level– something that is hard for you, but not impossible.
  • Read for 45 minutes every day at a comfortable/enjoyable level
  • Use your English speaking skills every day– talk to your friends in ENGLISH!!
  • Use your English writing abilities– Journal, write a story, or edit your NaNoWriMo… I don’t care what it is, but write every day in English for 30 minutes.

When you return, I will ask you to grade yourself on how well you managed your pledge for your break homework.