Week 07: Semester Exam Prep

Tuesday: Semester Exam Info and Group Paper Reflection

Please make sure that you are preparing and will present your book talk before December 2.

The outline for the semester final:

  • Focused on reading comprehension questions
  • Very similar to the SpringBoard quizzes we have already taken
  • Will have 3 or 4 reading passages
  • Will test inferential and conceptual understanding, not plot or summary level questions
  • Will have some short answer questions (a paragraph, NOT an essay!)
  • It will take 2 hours, but you will have time to reread if needed

After we talked about this, I went over the group paper reflection form and you had time to complete this in class.

Assignment: Read (reread) “Two ways to belong in America” and make sure your annotations are done for Thursday.

Thursday: Reading Test Prep

There were several book talks today.

We then worked independently on the T chart activity on page 72 in the textbook while Ms. J checked your annotations for the story.

Assignment: Complete the 5 questions from the hand out given in class today.

Assignment: Make sure you have your book talk ready to go for one of the remaining days

Assignment: VOCABULARY TEST will be on December 2, so this is not a day for book talks!!!