Week 05: Writing Work

Monday: Intro and Conclusion

A good introduction will have the following elements:

  • Hook
  • Create context
  • Link between context and thesis that NARROWS the scope
  • Thesis statement

A good conclusion will have the following elements:

  • Restate the thesis
  • Draw a conclusion
  • Make a universal application
  • Leave a lasting impact/create a PUNCH for the reader to consider

Your teams today decided who would work on the intro, and who would work on the conclusion.  Time was given in class to complete the writing task together.

Assignment: Finish both the intro and the conclusion paragraphs and add them to the group paper.

Assignment: Finish the last two stories in the SpringBoard packet (“Two Ways to Belong in America” and “An Indian Father’s Plea”).  Make sure you annotate your reading to show your understanding and thinking. 

Wednesday: Putting it all together– Editing, Intro, and Conclusion

Groups worked on body paragraph grammar and content issues as identified by Ms. Johnson, looked at intro and conclusion paragraphs as a group, and made revision plans based on group progress.

Assignment: Ensure that the draft is complete by Friday.

Friday: Finishing the Paper

Please make your Turn-it-in.com account.


Class today covered MLA format basics, and how to cite the SpringBoard texts.  Groups must write the Works Cited page, finish editing and revisions, and submit the paper before 8:30 AM Monday, November 14.

Assignment: Finish the paper and submit the final draft to turn-it-in.com before 8:30 AM Monday.

Assignment: Turn reading journal in November 22. 9 entries for full credit.