Week 04: Group Essay Work and Parallel Structure

Tuesday: Becoming More Interesting as a Writer

Today we started with a mini-lesson on parallel structure in writing.  We looked at categories (words, phrases, and clauses) of parallel structure, and then we looked at examples of each category, and then we practiced with a work sheet.

The goal of this activity was to introduce the idea of using parallel structure in your own writing.

After the mini-lesson, table groups read the paragraphs of those in the group to see if there were places where the paragraphs could be edited to use parallel structure to increase sentence variety, or to help make a more persuasive point.

Assignment: Evaluate the paragraphs from your group to see where parallel structure can be used.

Assignment: Create ONE GOOGLE document with all of the body paragraphs for the group to have access to.

Assignment: Bring your laptop or device to work on digitally editing the group paper on Thursday. 

Thursday: Group Editing Time and Writing the Intro and Conclusion