Week 03: Group Essay Work Time

Monday: Long Time No See

Today we got caught up on some things– which was nice because I haven’t seen you in almost three weeks!!

I checked your annotations for pages 50-67… Like I said, I haven’t seen you for a while.

In our teams, today you worked on brainstorming how to answer the question on page 85.  Then teams made a plan to look for support based on what we have read thus far.  Your teams decided on what needed to be accomplished so that each team is ready to develop a thesis on Wednesday in class.

Assignment: Reading journals are due this Friday (October 28) and you should have 9 entries for full credit.

Assignment: Vocabulary development reminder! The first set of vocabulary practice in SpringBoard will be checked November 1.  You need to have finished one set before then.  November 15, and December 1 are the next dates to know for vocabulary assignments! 

Assignment: Complete team preparation as decided in class today. 

Wednesday: Thesis Statement Creation

Today, Ms. Johnson modeled how to write a thesis statement for the paper we are working on by deconstructing the prompt, understanding what key words are asking, and then using a formula that included the key words “Although,” “ultimately,” and “in terms of” as markers for the concession, the claim, and the limiting factors.

Each group then worked with this formula to create their own thesis statement based on the brainstorming that was completed Monday.  These thesis statements were turned into Ms. Johnson before the end of class.

Each group also developed a plan for writing based on the thesis and assigned group members a paragraph to write.

Assignment: write the paragraph assigned to you by your group.  Please bring it to class on Friday.  We will work on embedding support correctly that day in class.

Assignment: Reading journals are due on Friday.  9 entries for full credit.

Assignment: Vocabulary set 1 is due November 1.  Please log into SpringBoard to complete this task.