Week 01: 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12 in SpringBoard

Monday: “Two Kinds” Quiz and SpringBoard

Today, the first 15 minutes or so of class were spend going over the previous quizzes, papers, and assignments from the end of Quarter 1.  Please keep all of these materials in a safe place as they will be useful for studying for the semester exam.

Then we journeyed to the library computer lab to take a quiz over the story “Two Kinds” and Phrases.  This took between 15-25 minutes depending on how easy or difficult it was for you to get logged into the computers there.  If you are having an issue, please check with IT to make sure it is not with your account.

After the quiz was completed, you had choices of what ASSIGNMENT you want to work on:

  • Listen to, read, and annotate “Where Worlds Collide”, “My Mother Pieced Quilts”, and “Everyday Use” for Wednesday.  You need to finish this for HW if you did not complete it in class today.
  • Get a new book to read from the library.
  • Work on SpringBoard Vocabulary– Go to the “Zinc” tab and then you will find the 3 assigned lists and the 3 optional (bonus) lists.  I will check for completion on November 1, November 15, and December 1.  You can complete the three assigned lists in any order, but you need to pass and complete all three for credit.

Wednesday: Are you reading like a master? and term break assignments…

Today, I modeled some good reading behavior in the SpringBoard Text.  You can revisit the notes that were taken in class in the digital copy of the textbook on SpringBoard if you need to.

Then, we chatted for 20-25 minutes about PSAT test taking strategies.  I gave you all of my best tips, and now it is your job to practice with them before the exam.

Assignment: Re-read and annotate (AGAIN– based on the modeling I did in class today) the three selections from Monday, and complete all of the after reading activities for all three selections.

Assignment: Read your free choice book over vacation.

Assignment: Think about your group paper– we will start working on this the day we return from mid-semester vacation.