Week 09: Group 2 Finish, Group 3

Monday: B Day Finish Africa, Start Japan

Roots #7:

  • EU-
  • MAL-

Here is the video the group shared to help us answer the questions:

HW: Answer question 3, 6, and 7 on page 640. 

HW: Make a list of the epic hero traits found in the “Sundiata”.

HW: Finish the comic strip, the creation story, and the paragraph on Anansi to turn in.  

The following is to prepare for the next section– JAPAN

HW: Read pages 486-497 (Background materials)

HW: Read 498-499, focus on the Heian Period, people and society, literature, religion along with the author and background of the “Pillow Book”.  There will be a quiz over this material on Wednesday. 

Tuesday: A Day- China Day 2

Roots #7:

  • EU-
  • MAL-

HW: Finish the Q and poetry assignment from last time if you have not yet turned it in.

HW: For class Thursday- please check out this PP-Africa Background PP

Wednesday: B Day- Japan Group

HW: Work on questions 1,2,4 on page 506. Any work not done will be completed as homework for checking in next class.

HW: Read the Prepare to Read of Zen Teaching and Parables pg 510-511

HW: Read the Preparing to Read for Japanese Haiku section on page 540-541.

HW: Write at least a paragraph on question 5 page 506.

Thursday: A Day- Africa Group

HW: Questions on page 640 #5 and #7- on paper

HW: Read pages 624 and page 642- background for the next class

HW: Write a compare/contrast essay (5 paragraphs) on “Sundiata” and “Oedipus Rex”.

  • Establish a clear thesis and clear topic sentneces
  • 3 body paragraphs (6+ sentences each)
  • provide at least 1 piece of evidence for each  paragraph, with citations!!!
  • explain/connect the evidence to the topic sentence
  • include a clear introduction with some background information
  • conclusion should show a connection to the introduction

Friday: B Day- Finish Japan Group

HW:  Make a brief Haiku poem about your experience on nature and certain landscapes using Haiku writing techniques and values based on what you have learned in class. (To be graded).

HW: Finish any class work not done for checking on next class.

And for class Tuesday:

HW: Read the cultural background information from pg.564-571 for an activity in the beginning of the class (they need to read it carefully for an activity at the beginning of next class).

And from MJ:

HW: Finish project reflections as required.