Week 08: Presentation Groups (2), and “Roland”

Tuesday/Wednesday: Craziness

B Day- Roland

Today we had the roots quiz (#2) and then MJ guided the class through some information on “The Song of Roland”.

Please re-watch this video as needed:

HW: Finish reading “The Song of Roland” and focus on the details of the adventure.  You should annotate it because it will be a while before we get back to it.

A Day- Group 2 (China)

Today, due to the science fair on Friday, we have started the second group, China.  Kristen, David, and Thong have shown great flexibility and I really appreciate them being able to start today.  We will have the roots quiz on Friday (in a short block).

HW: Do the following questions in a sheet of paper:

  • Choose one of Confucius’ sayings that you think relates directly to life today? Explain your opinion in a paragraph that contains at least 5 sentences.
  • In passage 68, the writer speaks of competing in a “spirit of play”. What do you think he means?
  • Do you think “Mulberry on the Lowland” tells more about the speaker or more about her lord? Explain your answer.

HW: Writing a mood poem:  Using “Still Night Thoughts” as a model to write a four-line poem that expresses a mood. Create a mood by choosing a central image and contains at least one simile or metaphor that help to create the mood of the poem. This poem should aim for simplicity and it should be typed, single-spaced and printed.

Thursday/Friday: More Crazy

B Day- Africa (Group 2)

HW: Finish the paragraph on “Anasi the Spider” that you started in class– is he a hero, a deceiver, or a fool?  You should include 2 examples for support and write 7+ sentences. 

HW: Write your own creation myth- it should emphasize existing cultural values/customs and explain the natural world. Include at least 2 cultural values (UNDERLINE THESE) and include at least 3 things to explain in the natural world (CIRCLE THESE).  This should be at least 2 paragraphs. Page 627 can help you generate ideas. 

HW: Answer question 2 and 6 on page 631.  

HW: Write a short comic that ties into the scenario in question 6. (2-3 panels).