Week 07: Project Proposal Editing and Start Presentations (Song of Roland)

Monday/Tuesday: Proposal Editing

Vocab #6:

  • ANIM-

Vocab Quiz March 14 (A Day) or March 13 (B Day).  We will also finish discussion on “Song of Roland” on this day.

In class, we worked on vocabulary for 15 minutes.  I then met with each group to give feedback on the proposals.  Groups had time to make the required changes.

I gave the following reading assignment to work on as time allows: “The Song of Roland” on page 696-707.  This is an example of an Epic from the Romantic/French tradition.  It is from a similar time as “Beowulf” but has different cultural influences.

A Day Presentation Schedule:
  • March 7/9: Jazz and James- Japan
  • March 16/20: David, Kristen, and Thong-  China
  • March 22/26: Elina and Triet- Africa
  • March 28/30: Anna and Kathy: the Middle East
B Day Presentation Schedule:
  • March 8/12: Sally, Hung, Anna, Andy, and Kevin- China
  • March 15/19: Rex, Quan, Lam, Jooy, and Van- Africa
  • March 21/23: Lee, Chris, Eric, and Frank- Japan
  • March 27/29: Helen, Julie, Danny, Jerry, and Mickey- the Middle East

Wednesday/Thursday: Presentation 1

A Day- Japan

HW: Write a Tonka or a Haiku poem.  Follow the format closely. Pg. 534-49 will be useful to you. 

HW: Read “The Deserted Crone” pg. 518-532.

B Day- China

HW: Read and annotate pages 452-458 related to Li Po’s poetry.  

HW: Finish the paragraph you started in class related to “On Plumb Blossoms” as needed. 1/2 of an A4 sheet of paper is the required response length.

HW: Prepare for a quiz next class over the information covered in class today as well as the reading you have as HW.

Friday/Monday: Presentation 1

A Day- Japan

HW: Study for vocabulary quiz on the 14th. (Assigned by MJ)

HW: Write a paragraph (1/2 A4 page): Is “The Deserted Crone”  considered an epic piece of literature? Justify your answer. (Assigned by Japan group). 

HW:  Watch the YouTube video, read page 434-5 and 440-1, read the link below, and be ready for a quiz.  Focus on the ideology of the belief systems (Assigned by China group)

B Day- China

HW: Finish the Tu Fu worksheet.

HW: Finish reading “The Song of Roland”.

HW: Prepare for the Greek/Latin roots quiz.