Week 04: Beowulf Projects Due

Monday/Tuesday: Boast Poem Due and Not-A-Test-Test Work

Roots #3:

  • CAC-
  • DE-

Today your Boast Poem is due.  Please make sure that you include the grading sheet, and have made all of the required marks (star, circle, arrow, and underline) in your poem.

Then, the time in class is given to you to work on the not-a-test-test.  I strongly suggest class time be used for any group aspect of the project that is not completed- namely the performance aspect.

Make good choices with your time people.

HW: Complete all aspects of your not-a-test-test for submission in the next class. 

HW: Work on your vocabulary assignment as needed.

Wednesday/Thursday: Not-A-Test-Test Work Day

Today you need to get ‘er done!

I’m here to help, but you need to use your class time to complete your work as best you can.

Friday: Not-A-Test-Test Work Day