Week 03: Beowulf and Projects

Tuesday/Wednesday: Quiz on 8-End and Boast Poem

Root Parts for the week:

  • Flu-, Flux-
  • Anti-
  • -oid

There is a short quiz over the remainder of the text, part 8-end.

After that, class time was used to work on the “Boast Poem” assignment.  You should be to the point where you are writing and have 50% or more done by the end of class today.

HW: Work on the “Boast Poem” assignment

HW: Work on the “not-a-test-test” 

Thursday/Friday: Project Work Time

Today, you should be all finished with WRITING the Boast Poem, so that you can type it over the weekend.

After you finish the boast poem, you need to work on the Not-A-Test-Test… this is due February 1, so you have today, and one day next week to work on it.


HW: Vocab, boast poem, and not-a-test-test…