Week 08: Dead Week- Exams Start

Monday/Tuesday: Exam Review

Today I gave you the answer key for the practice test you did last week.  Your job in class was to make corrections, and for each wrong answer- find the right answer and explain how/what you need to do in the future to be able to answer that type of question properly.

We also listened to Christmas Carols and I finished making your final exam.

HW: None

Wednesday: Extra A Day

To keep things fair with the B Day classes, today is an independent study day for A Day classes.

HW: Over The break, read and annotate “Beowulf”.  I am looking for three types of annotations: vocabulary awareness/discovery, what is happening/plot summary, and connections to the text (from your life or from other stories).  Please use three different colors to make these annotations so that I can clearly see what is what on January 8th when we return!