Week 07: Finish Iliad and Exam Review

Tuesday/Wednesday: Finish the Iliad

In class today, you had the opportunity to finish/edit your response to the question I posed last class: Which hero is superior, Hector or Achilles?

HW: Reading journals and noredink.com as needed– Last journals of the year due DECEMBER 8– This Friday (6 entries for full credit)

Thursday/Friday: Exam Review

Today in class, I have a mock exam for you to try.  Your job, under exam-ish conditions, is to see how long this 30+ question section will take you.  I’m planning on giving a 100 question exam on December 14th, with questions like the ones in this review packet.

Next week, we will correct the work and you will have a chance to review the reading skills as needed to be ready for Thursday’s exam.

HW: Get some sleep. Seriously– you need sleep to do well on finals.