Week 05: The Iliad

Monday/Tuesday: The Iliad

Block B:

Please start by submitting your HW from “The Apology”.

Then, please take 15 minutes for independent reading or working on reading journal entries.  Remember the next round of journals are due December 1.

Next, please watch this video, and before you say anything, yes, I know there are a few words in this that are not SUPER great for school, but I also know you use most of these daily.

Your purpose for watching this is to get an over view of the story, the violence, and the main characters because we will only be reading a few short sections of the tale- not the whole thing!

After you watch this killer video (with subtitles!), then start the reading assignment:

  • Background information on page 176-181
  • Section 1 “The Rage of Achilles” on page 182-194 (make sure you annotate with post-it-notes as you read!)
  • Questions for section 1 on page 194

HW: Finish answering the questions as needed for the first section and have them to turn in for the next class.

HW: NoRedInk and reading journal work as required.

Block E:

We started today with reading and then a random assignment of book talk dates.  Please be sure you are prepared on your assigned day!

Then, we had a discussion about section 1 of the Iliad, and recapped some information:

  • What kind of guy is Achilles?
  • What kind of guy is Agamemnon?
  • What is the real reason the two are fighting?
  • What happens at the end of the selection?

We also talked about a few random things– like the bicameral mind theory– and how that may be reflected in the text.  This was a side bar about the way gods in ancient Greek stories act- they are more like people in that they make mistakes, play favorites, and mess up like humans do!

Then we took 20 minutes to read the next section “Hector returns to Troy”.  You are looking to summarize each page (at a minimum) and to find the epithets.

HW: Answer the questions on page 200.

HW: NoRedInk, reading journals, and book talk preparation as needed.