Week 03: Oedipus Paper and Pericles

Monday/Tuesday: Finish “Pericles’ Funeral Oration”, MLA for Oedipus Paper, and Peer Edit Body Paragraphs

After independent reading today, we finished the last three pages of “Pericles’ Funeral Oration”.  Next class you will have some review questions to answer on this reading.

Then we took a few minutes to write the WC entry for the play, and I showed you what the in-text citations can look like for a play, and in a paper where you are only using one source.

After, you helped your peer with body paragraph revision.  I asked that you look for three key things:

  • Clear topic sentences related to the thesis
  • Evidence in every body paragraph (direct quote and paraphrase/summary)
  • Clear transitions linking the body paragraphs

After you reviewed one peer’s paper, you had the remaining time to work on your own paper.

HW: Make revisions as needed to your body paragraphs. 

HW: Introduction and conclusion must be part of the draft for Wednesday/Thursday.

Wednesday/Thursday: Pericles Questions and Intro/Conclusion/Universal Application Work

Today we worked on reading journal work for 15 minutes.

Then, everyone received the questions related to “Pericles’ Funeral Oration”.  We worked for 20 minutes on this in table groups.  Keep track of this because we will work on it again next class. Here is the handout: preicles funeral oration sg

Next, I walked through a sample Oedipus Paper introduction and conclusion paragraph, specifically addressing the rubric and how points were awarded for the sample.  Of the 25 points available for Intro, Thesis, and Universal Application, we discovered that the sample would be in the area of 10-12 points.  I addressed how the sample was successful in terms of the rubric and how the sample could be improved to earn additional points.

Then, you were asked to read at least one friend’s intro and conclusion paragraph– looking specifically for the areas we discussed about the sample.  Your job was to help your friend IMPROVE the intro and conclusion paragraphs– not to be mean about things.

If you had extra time, you were able to start working on editing your own work based on the peer feedback.

HW: Printed, double-spaced draft is due next class.

HW: Reading journal due Friday, November 10, for everyone

HW: Don’t forget NoRedInk.com assignments.  If you are missing some, do the work for partial credit.  

Friday/Monday: Submit RD, and Pericles SG

In class today you need to finish the Pericles SG and turn it in.