Week 10: Oedipus Rex

Monday/Tuesday: Section 2 of Oedipus Rex

Today we will work on page 285-300.  Your job, in teams of 3, is to paraphrase the action on each page (on a post-it-note) and look to identify the character traits of Jocasta, Creon, and Oedipus.  Look for both direct and indirect characterization.

Here is a video version that is close, but not exactly like, our script.  We started the second section today, which begins at minute 29 in this version.

This version is also good, but the script is more different than the one above…  Section 2 starts at minute 32 in this version.

HW: Finish activity to page 300 as needed. 

HW: Reading journals due this Friday.

HW: NoRedInk.com activities as needed. 

Wednesday/Thursday: Part 3 and 4 of “Oedipus Rex”

First, an introduction to the next writing project: Oedipus Rex Paper Grade Sheet

Then we watched the 1957 version of “Oedipus Rex” found above.  We focused on identifying the major action of the play, and the indirect and direct examples of characterization for the four major characters.

HW: Finish watching the video.

HW: Finish your observations about characterization of the four major characters for the remainder of the text. 

HW: Start thinking about the writing assignment that is posed above in green.