Week 09: Oedipus Rex

Tuesday/Wednesday: Quiz and Reading

Today in class we took a quiz over the videos from last session.  It was open note, so I hope you all managed 16 or 17 out of 17 points.

Then, we kept going on the reading of “Oedipus Rex”, with yours truly doing a dramatic reading of the majority of the parts.

We have started looking at the following concepts:

  • Indirect characterization
  • Direct characterization
  • Register of words
  • Motif

You should have a concept of what these are and be taking notes to keep track of the discussion/information on the post-it-notes in your book.

We have also started looking at the specific characterization of Oedipus and of Creon…  You need to be keeping track of this as well.

HW: 3 minute book talk preparation as needed

HW: NoRedInk.com tasks

HW: Reading journal as needed– 9 entries due October 13. 

Thursday/Friday: Book Talks and Oedipus Rex

After our reading, students will give book talks.

Then we will dive back into “Oedipus Rex”.  Reading the text as a class, we are working on paraphrasing skills, understanding of character, and the idea of motif.

What is a “motif”?  A motif is a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition. In “Brave New World”, you might remember the motif of Shakespeare that keeps coming up.  By looking at this motif, we were able to learn more about John.

In “Oedipus Rex” we are looking at the motif of sight/seeing– this may take many forms.  You should be looking for words related to eyes, seeing, looking, knowing/”seeing” with your mind, not knowing, blindness, not seeing, and anything else that relates to these concepts.  Please identify them.

HW: For pages 262-83– identify words related to the motif of sight/blindness. Then, consider what you can learn about Oedipus and Tiresias, as people, by seeing how seeing/not seeing applies to each.  Write 3-4 sentences about each character and how they are able to see/not see– and how do your observations relate to our understanding of each’s character. 

HW: Reading journals due Oct 13.

HW: NoRedInk.com activities as assigned.

HW: Prepare book talk as needed.