Week 08: Academic Honesty, FD, and Indian Literature

Monday/Tuesday: Academic Honesty

Today in class we reviewed the assignments for the week.  You will need this information to join my class for English in TurnItIn.com this year.  Both classes have the same code:

Then, we went to the library where Ms. Joanna went through academic honesty, MLA formatting and citations, and research skills with us.

HW: FD of wisdom paper due Wednesday– make sure you turn in a STACK of stuff.   Make sure you turn it in to “TurnItIn.com”…

HW: Complete both readings from last week for Wednesday.

HW: Reading Journal #3 due October 13– 9 entries for full credit. 

HW: Keep track of your progress in NoRedInk.com

Wednesday/Thursday: Indian Literature

Turn in the essay…

Then we discussed the two reading assignments.  We focused on what we can learn about the values of ancient India by looking at the heroic idea from this culture.

Class time was used to look at the next reading section “Oedipus Rex”.  You should be familiar with pages 256-261.

Friday/Monday: Start the Greeks

We start today by watching the videos above and discussing some of the ideas from the videos.  You will have a short quiz over the content of these videos next class.  You should revisit these and improve your notes if needed– the speaking goes a bit fast.

Then we start reading “Oedipus Rex” from our text book.  I will be doing some helping for the first act, but you will need to do more or the work as we go on.