Week 07: Revision and RD WC Page Work

Tuesday/Wednesday: RD Due and Work on WC Page

Today, you will turn in your clean copy of your wisdom paper so that I can review it for you.

Our activity today focuses on writing the WC page materials for the texts you have referenced in your paper.  You should know which those are and have them with you in class today.  We looked at these pages for help: Main MLA page, a sample paper page, and a sheet explaining how citation generators may have mistakes.

HW: Finish WC page for submission next class. 

HW: Continue working on NoRedInk.com tasks as assigned. 

HW: Reading journals are due Friday– You need 9 entries.

Thursday/Friday: Individual Feedback on Drafts

Today in class, I meet with each person to discuss the draft of the wisdom essay and to review the RD of the WC page. While I was doing this, I gave the following reading assignments for you to work on:

  • Pg: 120-6 — answer questions 3, 4, 6, and 7, on page 126
  • Pg: 128-43 — answer questions 2, 5, and 7 on page 143

The first reading assignment is due Monday/Tuesday and the second is due Wednesday/Thursday.

HW: Final Draft due Wednesday/Thursday when you walk into class.  You should have the final draft on top and then every piece of paper in the drafting process under this (brainstorming, draft 1, draft 2, draft 3, grading rubric from MJ, and RD of WC page).

HW: Reading assignments from class today. 

HW: NoRedInk.com assignments