Week 03: Gilgamesh

Tuesday/Wednesday: Read the Story

The focus of class today was to finish reading the story, paraphrase the action and main ideas, and be able to answer the guiding questions with our table groups.

HW: Finish reading the story as needed if your table group did not finish during class time.

HW: Get ready for the quiz on Thursday/Friday.  It is short answer in format, so you will need to write sentences.  I gave you a hint about some of the points in class- so I hope you were paying attention.

HW: Do your reading journals. 

Thursday/Friday: Quiz and Egyptian Literature

Today we took the quiz.  It took about 20 minutes.

Then, I gave you the following reading tasks, (Pg. 20-21, 50-58, and 61) and asked that you focus on this guiding idea, “Compare and contrast the Egyptian view of the afterlife with the Sumerian view of the afterlife.”   You should annotate the text and be looking for evidence to justify your response to the guiding idea.

HW: Have 7 reading journals done by Sunday.

HW: Finish the reading you started in class today.