Week 02: Myth

Monday/Tuesday: More Creation Myths

Block B and E-

We started the lesson with 15 minutes of independent reading.

Today in class we looked at “The Separation of Heaven and Earth”, had a table discussion about the text, and looked at how the myth fits the criteria we discussed in the last lesson.

Then, in table groups, you read three more examples of creation myths: “Odin and Ymir”, “The Four Creations”, and “A Potawatomi Story”.  Your task is to read around the table, paragraph by paragraph, and annotate the texts looking for the following:

  1. Similarities to the two examples we have already looked at
  2. How traits of Creation/Flood Myth occur in the example text
  3. New vocabulary words
  4. Personal connections you are making to the text from other classes, life experience, or other texts you have read
  5. Evidence of questions raised during the reading

Please be sure that you can show evidence of these five things in your annotations for full credit on this practice task.

HW: Finish the readings as needed from class.

HW: Complete at least 1 reading journal– two would be better! 

HW: Consider the 5 questions that were on the board (concerning what we learn from myth) for next class. 

Wednesday/Thursday: Start Mesopotamia and Epic Hero/Quest

Block B and E-

Today we started with table discussions of the three creation myths from the last lesson.  We had a short class discussion after the table discussions.

Then, I presented some background information for the first major reading, “The Epic of Gilgamesh” which we will start in the next lesson.

Here is the PPT from today: mesopotamian-lit-and-gilgamesh-intro 

HW: Read page 30-33 in the class text book.

HW: Work on your reading journal.  The first due date is September 1, 2017, and 9 entries are due this day.

HW: Consider the five questions from last class, in relationship to the discussion we had today regarding the three creation myths.

HW: Complete the NoRedInk.com assessment before Monday. 

Friday/Monday- Start “The Epic of Gilgamesh”

Block B and E-

In class today, we looked at the traits of the epic hero and the hero’s journey. You need to get these into your notes- look at the board in class for the information in blue if you missed the class.

Then we started reading “The Epic of Gilgamesh”.  We went through the names, talked about the image found on page 35, discussed what we can learn about culture by using our eyes/close viewing, and then talked about the parts of the book and how it gives us clues through text size, color, and the use of italics.

I read the first section “The Death of Enkidu” to the class, stopping to ask questions as I went– this was modeling what good readers do as they read.  You were taking notes on post-its so that you could remember the details as we go.

HW: Be ready to start the second half of “The Search for Everlasting Life” on Tuesday/Wednesday. 

HW: Work on your reading journals.