Week 01: Hey, and Get the Book

Wednesday: First Day of Classes

Hello all!

Today, I asked you to answer a few questions for me.  I showed you the class communication location (here). Then I covered the needed/required materials for the class.  Please get the book before next week.

HW: Get an independent reading book.

HW: Get your required class materials: journal (A5), lined paper (A4/B5), the textbook, post-its, and other stationary.

Thursday/Friday: Why Do We Tell Stories?

Block B:

We started with notes on myth/story telling: Why do we tell stories? What types of stories do we tell? What are the features of creation and flood stories?

Then, we worked in pairs on a pictograph story.  Your job is to see if you can figure out this ancient creation story. After 15 minutes, we shared what we came up with.

The next activity involves looking at creation myths from different cultures (locations, times, and belief systems).  We are looking for the unique and common elements of the stories.

HW: Get the course text book.

HW: Get your independent reading book.

HW: Read and annotate “The Separation of Heaven and Earth”

Block E-  Same as above with Block B.