Cheerleading Tryout Information

Cheerleading Basics:

Ten Rules of Cheerleading Etiquette

1. Greet and speak to the members of the visiting cheer teams.
2. Smile and greet players from the visiting team.
3. Call people by name whenever you can.
4. Be friendly and helpful.
5. Be cordial.
6. Be genuinely interested in others.
7. Be generous with praise. Be cautious with criticism.
8. Be considerate of the feelings of others.
9. Be thoughtful and receptive, whenever possible, of the opinions of others.
10. Be alert to give service.

Training Materials:




Hey, Hey

It’s time to fight

Everybody yell

Blue and Gold… (Blue and gold)


Hey, Hey

It’s time to win

Everybody yell

Go, fight, win… (Go, fight, win)


Blue and Gold …

Go, Fight, Win! …

Kicks and Arm Movements–

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