Week 11– Hamlet Act II and FOA and IOC

Monday– FOA and Act II

Today Elif and Uygar have their FOA for the first period. Then I got pulled to a parent meeting.  I asked you to review the Act II study guide together.

I reappeared in period 2 and we discussed the study guide a bit.  It was a quick day.

IOCs after school for some of you.

Tuesday– FOA and Act II

Today, Yildiz has her FOA in period 8.

In Period 9, we had an order of events quiz for Act II– It was open book because I’m super nice, but only 10 minutes. The reminder of the period was spent working on Act II understanding.

Friday– Soliloquy Analysis

Today we looked at Hamlet’s soliloquy from the end of Act II.ii.  I went through the passage, modeling how to approach an IOC if you were to see this selection.  You took notes.  This took the majority of the two periods.

HW: Use the passage from class and your notes to do a written IOC.  You can talk at about 100 words a minute, and you should talk for about 11 minutes; so, 1100 words is the target for this.  Please turn it in Monday.