Week 10– Hamlet Act I

Monday– Act I.i-iii, Who’s Who Quiz

Today there was no FOA for us.

We moved on to Hamlet I.i-iii.  We worked through the study guide and I helped you with the language.  We read aloud in-class.

There was a 15 question quiz over the characters’ and their actions in act I.

HW: Know what the action is in Act I.iv-v and bring any questions you can’t answer from the study guide.

Tuesday– Act I.iv-v, Motifs, and Frustration

Today there was no FOA for us.  Ms. Johnson expressed her growing frustration and warned against pushing her from frustration to anger.  Do better than this people!

We addressed any questions from the study guide that were troublesome.  Please use the stated line numbers in the study guide as a general area to look– I made the study guide based on a different version/publication of the play, so the lines are a bit different.

I brought forward four motifs from the play: decay, gardens, light/dark, family.  I put people into teams and each team spent 20 minutes looking for the textual examples of these motifs from act I.  We shared the findings and each person should be tracking these motifs through each act.

Friday– Teachers’ Day Celebration and FOA

Period 5 was the Teachers’ Day assembly.

Period 6– Goksin is due to have her FOA.

HW: Read and understand act II for Monday, November 30.  Finish your dang FOA preparation.  Remember that IOCs will be happening the week we return.